27 January 2011

Any recommended PTC sites?

OK, I was away from PTC world (except for Neobux) for one year. Lately I was searching for some new PTCs to join. I got recommendations of Globobux, Increasebux and Onbux since.

Onbux is the best looking one among the three. But they just announced that they discontinued their instant payments, which is indispensable for me. They claim this is a security measure and they "intend to return to the normal". So, I reserve the right to join this site after they return to normal.

Increasebux: Terms of Service and Forum of Increasebux says that "Members can cashout 150% of investment + $5." which is a total nonsense. I would never consider joining a site which has a rule like that. And the investments from your main balance does not count because they are "cashouts" as well. So if I buy a Paid membership for 1 year ($25), I can earn at most $42.5 in a year? Meh.

Globobux looks a little unprofessional, with spelling errors (potencial?) even on the first page, and an unpractical (at least for me) design. But the fact that they are a registred company, and that they coded their own script is an advantage. I'm now testing them and hope to write an extensive review in coming days.

Which PTC sites (with instant payment) do you use and recommend? Do you think there is any PTC out there that can brake the monopoly of Neobux?

26 January 2011

Innovations in Neobux in 2010

I couldn't deal with the blog during 2010, I also left all the PTCs (or they left me) except Neobux, which is still going great and bringing in a lot of money (at least in reference to the expectations from a PTC). Here's the important innovations or changes in Neobux in 2010:
Automatic vacation mode (for the ones who already have a Golden Pack with a vacation mode), which sets the day as a vacation day if you forget to or can't click ads that day. This was a life saver for me as I was always forgetting it especially when I was busy. I have lost at least $250 like this. Now I will lose no more!

Ability to purchase ads with Paypal is finally introduced for all users.

Ability to purchase everything (Golden membership, ads, etc...) with main balance.

No need to top up rental balance every day when your are renewing or recycling anymore. You will automatically pay with your main balance, if you don't have monet in your rental balance. Very convenient.

Lock filter: Now you can filter your "locked" referrals, and you can't recycle them before you unlock them, so you can't accidentally recycle a good referral.

A better chart in statistics page. It shows number of referrals and price to renew them for every period of 30 days, up to 720 days now!

Rental prices for standard members are reduced by 12%. One referral for one month costs only $0.22 now.

There are new renewal periods and discounts. 15 days, 30 days (5% discount), 60 days (10%), 90 days (18%), 150 days (25% discount), 240 days (30% discount).

Autopay discount is increased from 10% to 15%.

With all this new innovations Neobux is still continuing and is stronger than ever in its 3rd year.

You can read a more detailed retrospective to Neobux' 2010 here.

Here are the 2 payment proofs I got from Neobux in 2010. I got only 2 payments, because I spent all my money to renew all my 6399 referrals for 150 or 240 days. (and was busy and/or lazy and/or stupid to click ads some days.)

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19 April 2009

New PTC: GooBux

Since I was stuck with only Neobux, I started searching for a new PTC with potential. During my searchings, I recently discovered a brand new PTC site called GooBux. They started officially on 17th April, and they actually seem to be a copy of Neobux. They use the Gen3 script, and all menus, TOS, forum, Jackpots, etc. are the same. Payments are instant and the value of a click is also the same, 1 cent for your clicks and 0.5c/click from your referrals. The only differences are,

  • Golden members get 1.2 cents per click and 1.2 cents per referral click, which is too high, but might be sustainable, since the upgrade pack prices are high.
  • There are 20 ads, but you can only click 4, 9, 15 or 20 ads, depending on your membership. I think this is better than it is in Neobux, since this way, members can choose which ads to click, increasing the value of that visitor for the advertiser. And the clicking becomes more fun with many different ads to click.
  • Minimum cashout is $3 at first cashout, $6 at second, and $9 for all cashouts after that.
  • Upgrades are monthly.
  • You have to click 100 ads to cashout.
There are 4 types of memberships. Normal, Premium, Golden and Platinum.
Normal: $0.01/click, $0.005/referral click
Premium: $0.01/click, $0.01/referral click. Monthly price: $9.99
Golden: $0.012/click, $0.012/referral click. Monthly price: $19.99
Platinum: $0.02/click, $0.012/referral click. Monthly price: $49.99

I think there are (or will be) more benefits for Platinum members, like in Neobux, since only for this click value advantages, platinum membership will be extremely expensive.

GooBux seem to be a serious businness, with all their correspondence enquiries notices in their blog, the GooCard and the innovative attitude of admin. But when you look at all the design, which is a direct copy of Neobux, including TOS (at least they changed the parts, which are different), their credibility drops a little. But these are probably because of their very young age. (Only 2 days!) So, at the end, GooBux is a new little sister to Neobux and it has a potential to be a good PTC in a little while. Maybe my searchings for a PTC to invest (after Neobux) has come to an end.

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14 April 2009

Neobux Walkthrough #1: What is Neobux?

As I noticed there are many people, who haven't heard about PTC sites and Neobux, I decided to start a Neobux Walkthrough, sort of a guide for Neobux and all similar PTC sites. Ofcourse current Neobux users can also benefit from this walkthroughs, however, I assume, not from this first part. Firstly, I'll start with the basics, like;

What is PTC?
PTC is the short term for Pay To Click. Basically it means that you earn money to see advertisements. Why? Because the advertisers pay money to the sites to show ther advertisements.
Mostly you get a 1 cent ($0.01) per advertisement (ad) you see for 30 seconds. You also get a percentage of your referrals' earnings. You get your money by PayPal or Alertpay, from there, you can transfer the money to your credit card or bank account, or just spend it directly for shopping.
PTC sites are not get-rich-quick, ponzi, matrix, pyramid or multi-level-marketing schemes. But especially some of the Ponzis are calling themselves PTCs. And by this blog, I have been trying to protect my readers from this scammers. For starters, let me list the 3 main differences the PTCs have:

  1. There is a real income in real PTCs (from advertisers, who gave those ads you click). You are not paid by the money given by new investors.
  2. You only get referral commisions from your 1st level referrals.
  3. This is the most important one. You don't have to pay a single cent to earn money from PTCs. So, there is no risk. (However, I should point out that with little investments, you can double, triple or quadriple your income. I will explain how in coming posts.)

What is Neobux?
Neobux is a well planned and innovative PTC, which is now the indisputable leader of the industry with a growing community of more than 3 million peopleNeobux was introduced nearly one year ago, and fastly climbed the steps to claim the title of "leader of the PTC industry". Before Neobux, no one could imagine "instant payments" in PTC world. People were used to wait for months to get their payments. Neobux has introduced many innovations like instant payments and rented referrals.

How Much Can I Earn?
You get 1 cent ($0.01) per click. (click, meaning an advertisement you click and see.) And you get 0.5 cent (1 cent if you are a golden member) from every click your referrals make. By directly referring or renting referrals, your earning possibilities are endless. (I will give further info about referrals and golden membership in my next walkthrough post.)
Fact: By using Neobux, you will not get rich quick. But, with a little effort and time, you can be collecting $500 per month. I know that many MLM schemes promise you much higher profits, like $1000 per day, but forget it, they can not ever pay that much. But the promise of a real PTC like Neobux is reliable and sustainable.

How To Register?
Click here to go to the registration page and complete the information. 3 things to remember:
  • Choose a password, that is different from all your passwords.
  • When registering, you don't have to have ar PayPal and/or Alertpay account. Just type one of your e-mails (preferably the one you use the most) for now. You can create an account on PayPal / Alertpay afterwards.
  • When you click continue you will receive an email confirmation code for the e-mail addresses, so please be sure that you have typed your e-mail addresses correctly.
After you click continue, check your e-mail and confirm your membership, and voila! You are a member of Neobux now! Click your ads (view advertisements link to the top) and wander around on the site and on the forums for a bit. Reading the TOS and Help sections (bottom right of the page) and the FAQ (a blue ? sign to the top right corner) would help you to understand this complicated site much faster.

A reminder: Do not refer anyone right now! You have to be a member for 30 days to refer somebody directly. But you can ofcourse rent referrals, if you want.

Next: Our most important asset: Referrals.

11 April 2009

The only PTC: Neobux

I know I couldn't post any reviews or payment proofs for the last 4 months. I was busy earning money from NeoBux :). In these 4 months, matrixptc, occupex, uronlinebux, earn3 and extra10 disappeared, leaving me only with NeoBux, adverbux and PPClix. The latter having huge problems and doesn't payout since February. And I don't know the payouts on adverbux. I convert all my revenues to advertising there.

The main idea of the first paragraph is, I only get paid from NeoBux. I calculated all my PTC earnings from the start, including all PTC sites I joined, my total profit is exactly $3400. $3456 of that is coming from NeoBux, that means, since its start, my profit from NeoBux is $3456, but my profit from ALL OTHER PTC SITES except Neobux is $-56, which is, obviously not a profit, but a LOSS of $56! So, I decided not to use or any other PTCs, as long as there is not a very promising new site, and I really don't have time to investigate hundreds of sites. (except adverbux, which is good for advertising.) So, if you really trust a PTC, do not hesitate to post it as a comment to this post, to make my job easier.

By the way, Neobux finally introduced personal messaging system. So, if you join as my referral, I can give you exclusive tips on how to manage your referrals and such, through inside messaging system in Neobux. Don't forget to select YES to "Send and receive Private Messages" setting in your personal settings.

I want to add that May 1st, 2008 was the date Neobux officially started. So, in this 3 weeks, expect to see a big celebrations around Neobux, with discounts and many other surprises.

I know that everyone knows that Neobux does pay and it does that instantly, but there are many people new to PTC world and, if some of them still has a doubt, I think it would be a good idea to add the payment proofs from Neobux since January:
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bukti pembayaran Neobux भुगतान के सबूत neobux pagbabayad patunay la preuve de paiement neobux Доказательство выплат

01 January 2009

All Payments

(updated 26/01/11)

NeoBux $380.99 16/01/11 (proof)
NeoBux $478.66 28/12/10 (proof)
NeoBux $1,001.76 16/02/10 (proof)
NeoBux $606.70 30/11/09 (proof)
NeoBux $457.68 29/10/09 (proof)
NeoBux $521.92 31/08/09 (proof)
NeoBux $364.40 08/08/09 (proof)
NeoBux $281.84 18/07/09 (proof)

bukti pembayaran Neobux भुगतान के सबूत neobux pagbabayad patunay la preuve de paiement neobux Доказательство выплат

NeoBux $9.85 04/06/09
NeoBux $171.29 12/05/09
NeoBux $183.21 18/04/09
NeoBux $390,84 27/03/09 (proof)
NeoBux $24,3 11/03/09 (proof)
NeoBux $284,63 08/03/09 (proof)
PPClix $5 25/02/09
NeoBux $211,84 19/02/09 (proof)
NeoBux $299,97 08/02/09 (proof)
NeoBux $23,28 29/01/09 (proof)
NeoBux $142,01 20/01/09 (proof)
NeoBux $391,38 15/01/09 (proof)
earn3 $3 10/01/09
extra10 $10 09/01/09
NeoBux $30,02 07/01/09
NeoBux $155,35 06/01/09 (proof)
extra10 $10 02/01/09
PPClix $10 01/01/09
NeoBux $80,42 30/12
NeoBux $11,9 29/12
earn3 $3 29/12
earn3 $3 28/12
NeoBux $45,18 27/12
extra10 $10 27/12
NeoBux $327,8 23/12
extra10 $10 23/12
earn3 $3 22/12
earn3 $3 19/12
extra10 $10 17/12
NeoBux $154,01 16/12
earn3 $3 11/12
earn3 $3 11/12
extra10 $10 11/12
NeoBux $312,52 10/12 (proof)
earn3 $9,26 8/12
ARA-Bux $95,45 6/12
NeoBux $167,52 5/12 (proof)
BuxOut $37,72 5/12
NeoBux $215,48 30/11 (proof)
earn3 $11,13 29/11
SandraClicks $15,52 24/11
earn3 $6,2 18/11
NeoBux $219,43 10/11 (proof)
BuxOut $21,77 14/11
NeoBux $23,78 10/11, instantly.
earn3 $6,98 10/11, instantly. (premium)
NeoBux $159,39 08/11, instantly.
BuxOut $45,5 08/11, instantly.
SandraClicks $16,46 07/11, in 2 days.
earn3 $9 06/11, instantly. (premium)
MatrixPTC $21,53 06/11, in 7 days (premium)
OccupEx $1,02 04/11, in 10 days.
earn3 $10 02/11, instantly. (premium)
NeoBux $230,88 31/10, instantly.
earn3 $10 29/10, instantly. (premium)
earn3 $10 28/10, instantly. (premium)
earn3 $5 27/10, instantly. (premium)
NeoBux $145,75 26/10, instantly.
MatrixPTC $13,26 26/10, in 3 days (premium)
earn3 $5 26/10, instantly. (premium)
earn3 $10 25/10, instantly. (premium)
earn3 $6 23/10, instantly. (premium)
UrOnlineBux $52,26 22/10, in 94 days.
earn3 $10 received on 21/10/08, instantly. (premium)
BuxOut $10,05 received on 21/10/08, instantly.
NeoBux $33,14 received on 20/10/08, instantly.
NeoBux $50,65 received on 19/10/08, instantly.
BuxOut $12,04 received on 19/10/08, instantly.
BuxOut $10,6 received on 16/10/08, instantly.
SandraClicks $11,26 received on 16/10/08, instantly.
BuxOut $11,44 received on 14/10/08, instantly.
NeoBux $56,15 received on 12/10/08, instantly.
BuxOut $10,13 received on 12/10/08, instantly.
BuxOut $11,28 received on 09/10/08, instantly.
SandraClicks $10,76 received on 09/10/08, instantly.
BuxOut $11,59 received on 06/10/08, instantly.
BuxOut $7,2 received on 04/10/08, instantly.
NeoBux $70,21 received on 04/10/08, instantly.
BuxOut $5,14 received on 29/09/08, instantly.
NeoBux $93,27 received on 29/09/08, instantly.
SandraClicks $5,16 received on 27/09/08, instantly.
NeoBux $91,06 received on 25/09/08, instantly.
NeoBux $43,74 received on 20/09/08, instantly.
SwatCash $23,68 received on 19/09/08, in 19 days.
NeoBux $73,3 received on 16/09/08, instantly.
NeoBux $139,67 received on 10/09/08, instantly.
Isabelmarco $36,32 received on 03/09/08, in 56 days, by pm. Does not pay anymore to standard members!
NeoBux $79,4 received on 08/08/08, instantly.
NeoBux $68,77 received on 31/07/08, instantly.
SwatCash $505,58 received on 30/07/08, in 30 days.
NeoBux $94,62 received on 27/07/08, instantly.
MiBux $3,02 received on 26/07/08, in ~15 days.
UrOnlineBux $33,03 received on 15/07/08, in 49 days.
NeoBux $49,2 received on 10/07/08, instantly.
earn3 $34,94 received on 10/07/08, in 23 days.
Isabelmarco $43,94 received on 09/07/08, in 40 days, by pm. Does not pay anymore to standard members!
extra10 $17,32 received on 27/06/08, in 19 days.
NeoBux $14,42 received on 10/06/08, instantly.
extra10 $13,35 received on 08/06/08, in 18 days.
NeoBux $10,03 received on 04/06/08, instantly.
Clix n' Cash $0,28 received on 03/06/08, in 2 days.
NeoBux $14,11 received on 01/06/08, instantly.
earn3 $12,23 received on 31/05/08, in 20 days.
isabelmarco $48,85 received on 30/05/08, in 20 days. Does not pay anymore to standard members!
NeoBux $10,02 received on 29/05/08, instantly.
UrOnlineBux $10,12 received on 27/05/08, in 30 days.
NeoBux $10,13 received on 26/05/08, instantly.
NeoBux $10 received on 23/05/08, instantly.
BusyClicks $4,61 received on 21/05/08, in 3 days. Does not pay anymore! Became ad-only.
NeoBux $10,05 received on 20/05/08, instantly.
adverbux $13,42 received on 20/05/08, in 11 days.
Click Monster $2 received on 18/05/08, in 2 days.
BusyClicks $7,03 received on 14/05/08, in 3 days. Does not pay anymore! Became ad-only.
NeoBux $15,17 received on 13/05/08, instantly.
earn3 $3,66 received on 08/05/08, in 10 days.
isabelmarco $59,8 received on 10/05/08, in 20 days. (premium) Does not pay anymore to standard members!
NeoBux $15,09 received on 08/05/08, instantly.
BusyClicks $3,83 received on 07/05/08, in 1 day. Does not pay anymore! Became ad-only.
NeoBux $8,06 received on 06/05/08, instantly.
Busy Clicks $10,18 received on 04/05/08, in 1 day. Does not pay anymore! Became ad-only.
NeoBux $4,04 received on 03/05/08, instantly.
NeoBux $2,18 received on 02/05/08, instantly.
earn3 $3,02 received on 29/04/08, in 4 days.
Busy Clicks $3,13 received on 28/04/08, in 1 day. Does not pay anymore! Became ad-only.
UrOnlineBux $10,09 received on 27/04/08, in 11 days.
Busy Clicks $1,09 received on 26/04/08, in 1 day. Does not pay anymore! Became ad-only.
isabelmarco $21,27 received on 17/04/08, in ~20 days. (premium)
adverbux $15 received on 17/03/08, in ~10 days. (premium)
DailyClicks $21,09 received on 14/03/08, in ~5 days. (premium) Does not pay anymore!
Clix n' Cash $0,25 received on 24/02/08, in 1 day.
adverbux $5,13 received on 19/01/08, in ~10 days. (premium)
DailyClicks $5,12 received on 15/01/08, in 1 day. (premium) Does not pay anymore!


worldclix $10, expecting in late october. Not expecting.
bux.to $10 requested on 05/04/08, expecting in mid-october. Not expecting.
Isabelmarco $32,34 requested on 03/09/08, Not expecting.
bux3 $10,41 requested on 24/04/08. Not expecting.
DailyClicks $85,59 requested on 25/05/2008. Not expecting.

17 December 2008

PPClix v1.8 Preview

PPClix started a few months ago, was paying 0.5cents/click and 0.25 cents/ref. click. Now they are at Beta v1.8, nearly solved all their problems and will introduce the stable v2.0 soon.

PPClix has instant payments at $5 for all members, Paypal/Alertpay support, a nice and unique design, and they seem to have a stable businness plan. Nearly every day Admin announces another innovation in their forum, and they have many innovative plans for the future too. One of the main differences is, they show many advertisements, but as a standard member, you can click 5 ads per day, so you can choose which ads to surf, providing more interested visitors to advertisements and thus, more advertisements for the site.

I nearly forgot this site for some weeks but now that I see many innovations and serious future plans, i think this is the second best site after Neobux now. I'll direct most of my Neobux profit to PPClix as soon as possible. (Once I pay for all my referrals for 3 months in Neobux.)

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11 December 2008

Huge Neobux Payments

Here are the last 4 payment proofs I got from Neobux. All instantly:

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10 December 2008

Cashout Limit on BuxOut

When I try to cashout on BuxOut, "Daily Cashout Limit has been reached. Please try again tomorrow after 00:00 server time." message appears. Apperently BuxOut is keeping up with the newest trends and putting a daily limit on cashouts.
It seems like only remaining trusted instant payout ptc without any absurd limits is NeoBux now.
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09 December 2008

Instant payments by extra10

After earn3, Extra10 also introduced instant payments. Minimum payout is at $2 and maximum is $10 for 4 days for now, they say it will be increased soon.

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07 December 2008

SandraClicks SCAM

3 weeks ago, The Admin, AJMS announced that his girlfriend, Sandra died and he doesn't want to continue this site. Than another admin announced that AJMS doesn't respond to any messages and is disappeared. The site doesn't pay anything for 2 weeks now and today, the site's account is suspended.
As one of the moderators said, you should ask for a refund, if you have paid anything to SandraClicks in the last one month.

22 November 2008

Price changes in BuxOut

BuxOut reduced premium clicks and referral clicks from $0.0125 to $0.01, the price of premium membership from $85 to $65, and the referral replacement cost from $0.25 to $0.10. 35 and 100 referral packs are also on discount.
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15 November 2008

Second payment from MatrixPTC

I got my second payout from MatrixPTC 7 days after request. By the way they changed the script and now you have to write the 4 letters after you view the advertisement. That shows they care about their advertisers, but it seems like my referral clicks dropped 50%.

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11 November 2008

earn3 news

1. The purchase contest in earn3 reached $10000 in sales and ended way earlier than expected, so they decided to put another purchase contest, with same rules. It ends at 31st of December and they will give away 5% of the money back. If it reaches $10000, then the prices will be:
1st place : $200
2nd place : $150
3rd place : $75
4th place : $50
5th place : $25

2. Maximum instant cashout is now increased to $15, but when you cashout, you have to wait 4 days to get another one. I think this way everybody can get their instant cashouts. The minimum cashout is still at $3.

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08 November 2008

Clicking contest at Neobux!

Neobux started 2 clicking contests this month. Since it's only announced on the forum, not on the main page, I think the least I can do is announce it here:

1. For the standard member with the highest clicks in the whole month
1 Golden membership and 1 Ultimate pack (all paid for one year) worth $980.

2. For 5 standard members with at least 4 advertisements clicked each day of the month
1 Golden membership (paid for one year) worth $90.

In the case of a tie, the winners will be randomly draw.

Good luck to all and happy clicking!

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03 November 2008

First payment proof from MatrixPTC

I got my first payout from MatrixPTC 4 days after request.

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22 October 2008

Paypal is back!

Yesterday, Neobux brought back purchases through PayPal. And today, cashouts through PayPal are re-enabled!
Have fun!

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OccupEx Review

OccupEx is a new promising and innovative Paid To Click site with $0.01/click and $0.005/referral click rates and ~7 ads/day. But the most important thing is, minimum payout is $1! Moreover, they pay at most in 10 days, by TOS. Real waiting times are much shorter, despite very low minimum payout and 20,000+ members registered in 20 days!

They are in pre-launch, but unlike other sites, that doesn't mean that they don't pay until launch. They are paying daily and your earnings will NOT be reset on the launch date. The pre-launch is just a phase to implement everything until October 31. Until that date, you can enjoy discounts on referral and upgrade prices.

Reliability: (4/5)
Honestly I don't know anything about the owner(s) of the site. But considering the professional atmosphere it seems pretty reliable. They seem to know what they are doing and probably deserve more than 4.

Ads for Clickers: (4/5)
7 ads/day, worth $0.01 each.

Sustainability: (4.5/5)
1+0.5 per ad, and most ads are from real advertisers. Advertising prices are also suitable (even a little too much) But could very low payout damage this? I don't think so.

Referrals: (3/5)
Prices are a little high for 50% referral earnings. They are guaranteed "real people". I couldn't find any info regarding referral replacements. Probably the only missing information on the site.

Payments: (4.5/5)
Minimum payout is $1, moreover, maximum waiting time is 10 days! (5 for premium)

Ads for Advertisers: (3/5)
1000 ads for $19. I don't know why they use the industry standard price for 1+1 cent sites. It's a little overpriced if you pay 1+0.5 cents per click.

Design: (5/5)
It looks clean and professional, and different. You can find all the informations you need.

Customer Support: (5/5)
The admin is active in the forum and the attitude towards customers seems professional.

Premium Membership: (4.5/5)
For $35 (After 1st of November, $59!) you get 1.25 cents per click (25% increase) and 1 cent per referral click (100% increase). You'll get more ads and the maximum payment waiting time will be lowered from 10 days to 5. They have also a monthly premim membership for $5.99.

Overall (4.2/5)
The site looks very promising, sustainable and reliable. I recommend you to join this site before it's too late, since this site may be one of the best in the PTC industry in the near future.

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21 October 2008

I received instant payment from earn3!

First, a little old news, earn3 and extra10 have been sold to GPTNetworks, who also has many sites including Splurgebux and Kooplinks. So we don't have to worry about if these sites' condition affects BuxOut. I didn't wrote about it since I didn't have much hope on earn3 and extra10 anymore, but guess what?

Yesterday, earn3 introduced instant payments for premium members! You can request a minimum of $3 to a maximum of $10 per day. But there is a 24 hour total payout limit, which has been set as a safeguard against hacking. So you have to try many times to get your payment. But eventually, you can get it! As soon as I see the announcement I requested a payout from NeoBux and bought a premium membership (it's price is $35 for this week only!) in earn3, cancelled my pending payment and after a few hours trying to catch the payout, I got my $10 in 2 minutes after request! Here's the INSTANT payment proof from earn3:

Other news:
1. It's been said that they will introduce the same instant premium payment system for extra10.
2. There is a purchase contest going on in earn3 until 6th December or until a total of $10,000 n purchases. The prices are 1st place : $200, 2nd place : $150, 3rd place : $75, 4th place : $50, 5th place : $25.
3. If you have a pending payout in earn3, you have to login to the site at least once in 2 weeks to get paid.

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Adverbux is back!

Adverbux was one of my favorite PTCs back in early 2008. They used to pay for playing games too. I remember playing 100s of games a day to earn some money there. Good old days... Then its old owner banned all members except those from English speaking countries, he also removed the PTC section and tried to make adverbux a GPT, and the site went down.

Now, the site has a new owner and its old features! It seems hopeful since they even have a new motto now: "Never less than 10 view ads". They have at least 10 ads a day and mostly 3 of them are 1 cent ads, others are 0.5 cent and 0.25 cent ads. Much better than the old days! The new owner also said that "pay to play games" feature will come back. But until then, you can click 10 ads/day, do offers, do action ads and advertise your sites by many ways (CPC, PTC, action ads, stumble exchange...) for a much cheaper price than the industry standard! (For example, 100 clicks for $0.75!)

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20 October 2008

MatrixPTC Review

MatrixPTC is different than other PTCs. You have to pay a fee of $4 for a lifetime membership. But you also get $2 for every member you refer! They have also many ads and nice features.

Reliability: (4/5)
MatrixPTC is owned by CWC Network, who also owns World Clix and CroClix.

Ads for Clickers: (5/5)
$0.01/click, $0.005/ref. click. There are more than 13 ads/day!

Sustainability: (4/5)
The advertising prices are too low but they ask for a $4 when you sign up and the ref. prices are high. So they seem pretty sustainable.

Referrals: (4.5/5)
Standard members get $0.005 from referral clicks and you get $2 just by referring someone. You can select how many referrals you want to buy (13, 56, 140, 573?) and buy exactly that many referrals one by one. The price is $1.7 per referral until 49 referrals, but the more you buy, the lower the price, for more than 400 referrals, its $1.2 per referral. The price is higher than the industry standard but 14 ads/day compensates this on a large scale. Moreover referrals should be much more active because they paid $4 for entrance and because of a 100 click requirement before cashout.
They also offer "Inactive referrals replacement", that means they replace your inactive referrals automatically, after 30 or more days of their inactivity.

Payments: (4.5/5)
Minimum payout at $2! But you have to click at least 100 ads before requesting a payout. Not much of a problem since there are 14 ads/day.
Payments are very fast. 1-2 days for premium, 3-4 days for standard members!

Ads for Advertisers: (5/5)
Ad prices are very low! 100 clicks for $1.19, 500 clicks for $3.99, 1000 clicks for $6. More discounts on higher packages. Moreover, since every person who clicks your ad has paid $4 for a membership, they have at least a little purchase power. Definitely one of the best sites to advertise.

Design: (4/5)
Modified version of a classic ptc script. I like the feature that enables you to fund your account by any amount you want.

Customer Support: (4/5)
Eveything's fine.

Premium Membership: (5/5)
It's priced at $39.95 now and you get $0.0125 per click (25% increase) and $0.01 per ref. click (100% increase!) You get at least 20 ads/day, priority payments and ability to buy referrals with Paypal and account balance.

Overall (4.4/5)

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ARA-Bux Update

ARA-Bux claims that their site got hacked and they will re-open on 24th October with the new referrals renting system. All balances, referrals, upgrades etc. will be as of 29th September, because they claim that they can only recover the backup from that day. The "type of hacking" was so that they can't recover any newer backups. WTF? And if this is true, how could a serious company got hacked so badly? They also closed the forum first but now reopened it. WHY? Not much assuring.
They lost any remaining trust I have in them with all the happenings in the last weeks.

New ratings:
Reliability: (1/5)
Ads for Clickers: (5/5)
Sustainability: (2.5/5)
Referrals: (3/5)
Payments: (3/5)
Ads for Advertisers: (3/5)
Design: (3/5)
Customer Support: (3.5/5)
Premium Membership: (4/5)

Overall (3.0/5)

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16 October 2008

FatCashCow preview

FatCa$hCow is the new PTC of $1 Matrix System team. $0.01/click, $0.005/ref. click. Minimum payout $5. They are on beta testing period and it's looking good for now. The referral and upgrade prices are lower then other sites but with a 50% referral earnings, it's looking pretty sustainable. After the beta testing ends the balances will reset. But there are important points for both clickers and advertisers:

Clickers: If you reach $5 during beta period, you will get the premium membership free! (worth $24.99)
Advertisers: If you buy an advertising package of 100 clicks for $2.5, your ad will stay on the site free during beta period. After launch it will count its 100 clicks! So you'll get unlimited visits for $2.5!

I'm looking forward to official launch to review this site in detail.
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